User Guide

User Guide

Club User Guide - Section 1: Basics

Basics - An introduction to the Connect system, including steps on how to log in, update organization information and add other admin users.

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Step 1. Introduction

Welcome to your new Club & League site! Read the articles below to learn the basics of your new site.

1.1 New Client Introduction Video

1.2 Three Integrated Products

1.3 Recommended Browser


Clearing Your Cache

1.4 Online Training

Stack Sports Tip: There are both free webinars and paid training services available to ensure your success.

1.5 Support

1.6 Managed Services

Stack Sports Tip: In addition to support, onboarding and webinars, our Managed Services program includes a suite of service offerings to help alleviate your workload.

Step 2. Login

As a club administrator, you'll need access to your online admin portal. This will either need to be created for you by your club's president, an Association administrator, or your Onboarding Agent.

2.1 Logging In as an Admin or

Requesting a New Password

2.2 Single Sign On

2.3 Forgot Username & Password

2.4 Club & League Connect Tour

Step 3. National Data Center (NDC)

If your club is affiliated with a US Soccer State Association, your Club & League site is integrated with the NDC. See the article below for more information.

3.1 Primary Contact, Competition IDs, Player IDs, ITC Status, & Duplicate Players

Step 4. Board Member Nag

As you log into the administrative portal of your Club & League site, you'll see a pop-up that appears asking you to add Board Members into your system. Learn how to do so with the article below.

4.1 Adding Board Members

Stack Sports Tip: The Board Member Reminder will continue to show until you add the President, Registrar, and Treasurer for your club. Be sure to check your Association's requirements for additional roles that must be added and keep contacts up-to-date with any changes throughout the season.

Stack Sports Tip: Adding Board Members does not create an admin user in the system. Go to Step 6 "Add Admin Users" to learn how to give admin access to your club & league system.

Step 5. Organization Info

Add the contact information for your Club & League with the article below.

5.1 Contact Info

Step 6. Add Admin Users

Learn how to add additional administrative users to access your Club & League site with the articles below.

6.1 Creating a New Admin User

6.2 Admin Permission Definitions

6.3 Update User Folder Access