User Guide

User Guide

How to use the Club User Guide

The Club User Guide takes you step-by-step on how to access the system, build a registration event, manage your players/coaches, create teams, and so on. If you are a new admin to the system, follow this guide in order, beginning at Step 1. If you are a returning admin, select a specific section to find additional information and help links. There is an Overview of each Section below.

The User Guide is divided into different sections shown in the menu bar to the left. Select a section in the menu bar to follow all steps (A) or click on a sub-page to view one step at a time (B).

Overview of Each Section

Section 1: Basics - An introduction to the Connect system, including steps on how to log in, update organization information and add other admin users.

Section 2: Registration Setup - Guides you through the process of creating new online registration events for players and coaches, including category settings, registration forms, fees, discounts, coupons and more.

Section 3: Edit Registration Event - If you created your own registration event or had events copied into your system, use this section to review and edit the various settings.

Section 4: Website - Covers all aspects of the website builder in the system with how-to information on posting registration links, images and other content to customize your site.

Section 5: Manage Registrations - Everything you need to know about managing player and coach registrations, uploading documentation, creating teams, rostering and team activation are covered in this section. You'll also find details on communication, reporting, compliance, card printing, league/tournament registration and financials.

Section 6: State Fees - If your Association or Governing Body collects player or coach fees, learn how to review your charges and make a payment.

Section 7: Scheduling - This section covers in-house scheduling, typically used for Recreational events.