User Guide

User Guide

Step 8. Folders

Each registration event will be structured into a folder tree where age groups and registration categories are organized. See the articles below to learn how to create a new folder tree with Tree Builder, copy an existing folder structure or "Roll Forward" into a new seasonal year.

8.1 Tree Builder

Stack Sports Tip: Use the Tree Builder to create a brand new registration setup. When creating your folder tree, organize folders by Gender with age subfolders for easier organization. It is also recommended to select U-Age Group as the Age Group Folder Style to make sure all age groups have the correct age settings applied.

8.2 Copy or Roll Forward

Stack Sports Tip: Copy an existing event's structure in your system if you are creating a new registration event within the same seasonal year. Only use the Roll Forward feature when moving into a new seasonal year. This will roll the age settings on all categories one year forward (for example, age groups for the 2018-2019 season roll forward to the 2019-2020 season).