User Guide

User Guide

Step 10. Coach Registration Event Setup

After you've setup a registration event for players, you'll also need to setup a registration event for coaches. Follow the steps below to setup a registration event for coaches.

10.1 Create a Coach Pool

Stack Sports Tip: Always use a Coach Pool for your coach registration. Coaches only have to register once and can be rostered to multiple teams in that event, rather than registering for every category or team individually.

10.2 Begin Registration Setup

10.3 Category Settings

STATE SOCCER SPECIFIC - Stack Sports Tip: Confirmed coaches are sent to your Association for a background check. If your event is set to auto-confirm coaches, they will be automatically sent to have a background check ran and a coach fee will be charged, if applicable. It is recommended to have the auto-confirmation setting turned off for your coach event so you can manually confirm your coaches before a background check is ran. See Registration Management (Section 13.4) to learn how to confirm coaches.

10.4 Printable Form

Stack Sports Tip: If you want a Coach printable, select the Default form and choose which fields to show. Select all or specific fields in the "Available Fields" section, then click the arrow to include them on the printable form.

10.5 Club Waivers

10.6 Confirmation Email & Success Page

10.7 Review & Create