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User Guide

Step 16. Compliance

Depending on the Association your club is affiliated with, different items may be required for player/coach compliance. Learn how to upload the necessary items to your Club & League system and track approvals.

16.1 Player Photo & Proof of Birth

Through Member Account (Parent)

Through Find Tool (Club Admin)

16.2 Coach Photo & Documents

Through Member Account (Coach)

Through Find Tool (Club Admin) - Select 'Coach' tab on Find screen

16.3 Coach Background Check

Coaches must register online to initiate the background check process. Once registered, they can track their approval status in their member account through the red thumbs down icon or green thumbs up icon. Club admins can use the Find tool for Coaches to view background check statuses. They are also viewable during roster assignment when assigning coaches to teams.

Stack Sports Tip: The articles above are simply to show you how to upload documents for registrations in your Club & League system. Be sure to check with your Association to see which items are required for compliance, as not all items in the articles listed above may be necessary.