User Guide

User Guide

Step 17. Teams

Learn how to create teams within your registration event, assign players and coaches to teams, and request team activation, if team activation is required from your association by program type.

17.1 Create

Stack Sports Tip: Make sure when selecting 'Add Team', you are highlighted on a category in your folder tree (8U, for example).

17.2 Edit/Delete

Stack Sports Tip: Once a team is activated/approved, you cannot delete the team.

17.2 Assign Coach & Assign Players

Stack Sports Tip: Depending on the rule configuration of your Association, coaches may not be able to be assigned to a team until they have a cleared background check, or players until they are Age/ID verified. You will receive an error message when attempting to drag and drop coaches or players on teams if this is the case.

17.3 Activate

Stack Sports Tip: Your association may require Team Activation. If so, you'll need to refer to the help article above. Please check with your association on if their teams require team activation or not.