User Guide

User Guide

28. Import Schedule

Have a schedule already created in a spreadsheet format? Use the Import Schedule help article series below to learn how to upload your schedule into Game Scheduler.

Stack Sports Tip: Spreadsheet must be saved as a .CSV file in order for it to be uploaded into Game Scheduler.

Stack Sports Tip: Games in the spreadsheet MUST be formatted into 5 columns in order for Game Scheduler to read the file properly:

  • Home Team
  • Away Team
  • Game Date
  • Start Time
  • Location

28.1 Step 1. Create Divisions/Pools & Add Teams

28.2 Step 2. Create & Prep Schedule

28.3 Step 3. Add Divisions, Pools & Locations

28.4 Step 4. Access & File Import

28.5 Step 5. Preview The Import File

28.6 Step 6. Review The Data

28.7 Step 7. Team Selection

28.8 Step 8. Location Selection

28.9 Step 9. Finishing Up