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Club User Guide - Section 5: Manage Registrations

Manage Registrations - Everything you need to know about managing player and coach registrations, uploading documentation, creating teams, rostering and team activation are covered in this section. You'll also find details on communication, reporting, compliance, card printing, league/tournament registration and financials.

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Step 13. Manage Registrations

Learn how to manage player and coach registrations with the help articles below.

13.1 Quick Click Buttons - Editing your registration event settings.

13.2 Finding & Filtering



13.3 Details

Edit Player or Coach Registration

13.4 Confirm/Reject

Player - Bulk or Individual

Stack Sports Tip: If auto-confirm is turned on for your family event for all payment types, you do need to confirm players.

Coach - Bulk or Individual

Stack Sports Tip: If auto-confirm is turned on for your coach event, coaches will automatically be sent to your Association to be background checked and a coach fee will be applied, as applicable. If auto-confirm is turned off, you will need to manually confirm your coaches when you are ready for them to be background checked.

13.5 Managing Tryouts

Step 1 - Players Who Did NOT Make It

Stack Sports Tip: Make sure to reject all players that do not make the team so your State Fees are accurate.

Step 2 - Players Who DID Make It

Step 3 - Accept Team Placement & Pay Fee

13.6 Move Player/Coach Between Categories

Stack Sports Tip: If you are using a Coach Pool, you will not need to move coaches. They can be assigned to any team within that event.

13.7 Admin Add - Player

Stack Sports Tip: Coaches cannot be admin added. They must register online in order to agree to the background check authorization.

13.8 Member Account - Find & Edit

13.9 Merge Member Account

* See Step 13. Manage Registrations page to view the Player & Coach Data video.

Step 14. Reports

Learn how to pull a few of the essential reports from your registration events.

14.1 Registrant Detail or Coach Detail - Pull and sort data directly from the registration forms submitted by your players and coaches.

14.2 Participant Detail

Stack Sports Tip: If your association requires a player photo upload or birth certificate, you can use this report to determine which players have not uploaded a photo and/or birth document and email them directly. Drag all display items over and filter by Member Photo Uploaded equal to No or Birth Certificate/Document ID Uploaded equal to No. Run the report and email from there.

If your association requires any coach compliance documentation, you can use the same functionality for your coaches by going to Reports > Coaches > Detail Report and filtering by Concussion Compliance, Safety Certificate, and/or Abuse Prevention as enabled by your Association to determine which coaches have not uploaded any required documents.

14.3 Financial Reports

Step 15. Financials

Learn how to manage financials for players who have registered with the help articles below.

15.1 Entering Payments

15.2 Adjustments or Refunds

15.3 Reconciliation - Use the Credit Card Transaction Detail report to view transaction totals and dates, state fees, processing fees, deposit dates and amounts, and more by the date range of your choice.

15.4 Batch Reconciliation with Stack Pay and Connect

15.5 Stack Pay and Connect Don't Match - Refunds

* See the Step 15. Financials page to view the Financials video

Step 16. Compliance

Depending on the Association your club is affiliated with, different items may be required for player/coach compliance. Learn how to upload the necessary items to your Club & League system and track approvals.

16.1 Player Photo & Proof of Birth

Through Member Account (Parent)

Through Find Tool (Club Admin)

16.2 Coach Photo & Documents

Through Member Account (Coach)

Through Find Tool (Club Admin) - Select 'Coach' tab on Find screen

16.3 Coach Background Check

Coaches must register online to initiate the background check process. Once registered, they can track their approval status in their member account through the red thumbs down icon or green thumbs up icon. Club admins can use the Find tool for Coaches to view background check statuses. They are also viewable during roster assignment when assigning coaches to teams.

Stack Sports Tip: The articles above are simply to show you how to upload documents for registrations in your Club & League system. Be sure to check with your Association to see which items are required for compliance, as not all items in the articles listed above may be necessary.

Step 17. Teams

Learn how to create teams within your registration event, assign players and coaches to teams, and request team activation, if team activation is required from your association by program type.

17.1 Create

Stack Sports Tip: Make sure when selecting 'Add Team', you are highlighted on a category in your folder tree (8U, for example).

17.2 Edit/Delete

Stack Sports Tip: Once a team is activated/approved, you cannot delete the team.

17.2 Assign Coach & Assign Players

Stack Sports Tip: Depending on the rule configuration of your Association, coaches may not be able to be assigned to a team until they have a cleared background check, or players until they are Age/ID verified. You will receive an error message when attempting to drag and drop coaches or players onto teams if this is the case.

17.3 Activate

Stack Sports Tip: Your association may require Team Activation. If so, you'll need to refer to the help article above. Please check with your association on if their teams require team activation or not.

Step 18. Communication

There are a multitude of ways to communicate with registrants through your Club & League system. See the articles below to learn how.

18.1 Send Email from Registration Event

18.2 Send Email from Reports

18.3 Announcements - Post to your website or push down to your teams via Team Connect.

18.4 Document Library

Stack Sports Tip: To link a document from your library in an email, select Insert > Link from the email tool and under Quick Links select 'Choose a document from my library'.

Step 19. Team Connect

Team Connect is the mobile app that allows players and coaches to connect with each other, view their schedules, track attendance, upload photos, and much more! Learn more about Team Connect and how to enable this within your Club & League site with the help articles below.

19.1 Team Connect Overview

19.2 Enable by team or in bulk

Step 20. Print Cards

Learn how to print cards for your players and coaches within your Club & League site, if enabled by your Association.

20.1 Print Cards

- Printing HTML Cards: Best Practices (Chrome & Firefox)

Stack Sports Tip: Depending on how your Association is configured, printing cards within your Club & League system may not be available. You may need to contact your Association administrator to print these cards for you.

Step 21. Print Rosters

Learn how to print rosters from your Club & League system once your teams are approved by your Association or League.

21.1 Print Rosters

Stack Sports Tip: If you are a club under NJYS, you must print your state rosters for travel teams after registering to your league through Manage Roster > Print.

Step 22. Register Team for a League/Tournament

Learn how to register your teams to a league or tournament within your Club & League system and manage your event rosters.

22.1 Register Team through Club & League System

22.2 Manage roster

Stack Sports Tip: If team activation/approval from your association or league is required (if enabled) in order for teams to register to the league or tournament registration event they're participating in. Your team will be approved by Requesting Team Activation from your association or league (see article 17.3).