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Club User Guide - Section 2: Registration Setup

Registration Setup - Guides you through the process of creating new online registration events for players and coaches, including category settings, registration forms, fees, discounts, coupons and more.

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Step 7. Registration Forms

Each registration event you create will need to have a form associated with it for registrants to complete. Read the articles below to learn how to create and manage registration forms.

7.1 Create or Manage

Stack Sports Tip: You may have Master registration forms copied into your system from your Association. It is very important that you do not delete any fields on this form. You can copy the existing Master forms, then add new fields and customize to your club's needs.

Stack Sports Tip: You may need a registration event setup for coaches and players, so both registration events will need a separate form. If both a coach and player registration event are needed, be sure you have both a coach and family style registration form created for these events.

7.2 Add New Fields

* See Form Builder video on sub-page.

Step 8. Folders

Each registration event will be structured into a folder tree where age groups and registration categories are organized. See the articles below to learn how to create a new folder tree with Tree Builder, copy an existing folder structure or "Roll Forward" into a new seasonal year.

8.1 Tree Builder

Stack Sports Tip: Use the Tree Builder to create a brand new registration setup. When creating your folder tree, organize folders by Gender with age subfolders for easier organization. It is also recommended to select U-Age Group as the Age Group Folder Style to make sure all age groups have the correct age settings applied.

8.2 Copy or Roll Forward

Stack Sports Tip: Copy an existing event's structure in your system if you are creating a new registration event within the same seasonal year. Only use the Roll Forward feature when moving into a new seasonal year. This will roll the age settings on all categories one year forward (for example, age groups for the 2018-2019 season roll forward to the 2019-2020 season).

Step 9. Player Registration Event Setup

Follow the steps in the articles listed below to learn how to setup a registration event for youth players.

9.1 Begin Registration Setup

Stack Sports Tip: If your event has anything to do with your Association, ie. insurance coverage, card printing, player age/ID verification, coach background checks, or team approvals, ALWAYS set sharing data to your Association to "Yes".

9.4 Financials & Advanced Settings

Stack Sports Tip: You can choose to run your player registration event as a tryout. To learn more about tryouts in the system, please read through the Tryout Feature Overview. You can find additional help articles and best practices for tryouts in Manage Registrations (Section 13.5).

9.5 Event Type

9.6 Categories & Settings

Stack Sports Tip: When sharing registration data with your Association, you will be prompted to select a Member Type on the category settings. These member types will be applied to registrants and can be updated in bulk after registration. See State Fees (Section 23.1) for more information.

Stack Sports Tip: Recommended settings for auto-confirmation on your player registration event - auto-confirm all credit/debit card or ACH payments and do not auto-confirm cash/check (offline) payments. If you are not collecting fees through Connect, all registrations should be set to auto-confirm.

9.7 Late Fees & Early Discounts

9.8 Payment Plan

9.9 Family Discounts

9.10 Printable Form

Stack Sports Tip: Your Association may have custom printable forms, like a Medical Release Form, available for you to print. If you need to print an association specific form, select it in the dropdown to apply to the registration event. You do not need to drag over the fields.

9.11 Club Waivers

Stack Sports Tip: There may be Association waivers passed down to your registration events. These are created by your Association and cannot be edited. Clubs can create their own club-specific waivers, which will not affect any association waivers.

9.12 Coupons

Stack Sports Tip: Creating coupons is a two step process. You'll need to CREATE the coupon, then ADD THE COUPON TO YOUR EVENT. If you don't have the coupon created by the time you setup your registration event, you'll need to refer to Section 11.4 to setup and add the coupon code to the existing registration event after it's been created.

9.13 Confirmation Email & Success Page

9.14 Pay-by-check Information

9.15 Game Day Rosters

Stack Sports Tip: Game Day Rosters are tied to games scheduled in the system. Only enable this if you are scheduling games for the event and want to have teams print game day rosters for each game.

9.16 Review & Create

* See Player Registration Event Setup video on sub-page

Step 10. Coach Registration Event Setup

After you've setup a registration event for players, you'll also need to setup a registration event for coaches. Follow the steps below to setup a registration event for coaches.

10.1 Create a Coach Pool

Stack Sports Tip: Always use a Coach Pool for your coach registration. Coaches only have to register once and can be rostered to multiple teams in that event, rather than registering for every category or team individually.

10.2 Begin Registration Setup

10.3 Category Settings

STATE SOCCER SPECIFIC - Stack Sports Tip: Confirmed coaches are sent to your Association for a background check. If your event is set to auto-confirm coaches, they will be automatically sent to have a background check ran and a coach fee will be charged, if applicable. It is recommended to have the auto-confirmation setting turned off for your coach event so you can manually confirm your coaches before a background check is ran. See Registration Management (Section 13.4) to learn how to confirm coaches.

10.4 Printable Form

Stack Sports Tip: If you want a Coach printable, select the Default form and choose which fields to show. Select all or specific fields in the "Available Fields" section, then click the arrow to include them on the printable form.

10.5 Club Waivers

10.6 Confirmation Email & Success Page

10.7 Review & Create