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Club User Guide - Section 7: Scheduling

Scheduling - This section covers in-house scheduling, typically used for Recreational events.

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Step 24. Game Scheduler Introduction

Game Scheduler consists of 5 different sections or panes. Each of these panes are listed in the help articles below with an explanation of each. Click through each pane below to learn the basics of Game Scheduler before you begin creating a new schedule.

24.1 Panes - Divisions & Pools

24.2 Panes - Teams

24.3 Panes - Schedules

24.4 Panes - Games

24.5 Panes - Locations

Step 25. Game Scheduler Webinar

Learn how to create a schedule with Game Scheduler with the recorded webinar below.

You can also attend a free, live group training or workshop on how to create a new schedule, a one-on-one training on how to create a new schedule, or we're happy to create a schedule for you! Follow the links below to learn more about these options:

Stack Sports Tip: Only create a schedule if you're scheduling in-house games. If your teams are part of a league or tournament within your Association that will be creating your schedule for you, you may not need to create your schedule with Game Scheduler. The league or tournament your teams are registered to will create games for you, which will auto-populate within your Club & League administrative portal and/or Team Connect pages.

Step 26. Scheduling Hacks

Below are a list of scheduling hacks which will make creating your new schedule easier. Read the following list of schedule hacks below to gain a better understanding of how to use Game Scheduler.

26.1 Schedule Hack #1 - Be Specific with Schedule Availability

26.2 Schedule Hack #2 - Be Flexible and Fold It In

26.3 Schedule Hack #3 - One Schedule per Division or Pool

26.4 Schedule Hack #4 - It's Easier to Move Games than Add Games

26.5 Schedule Hack #5 - Monday is the First Day of the Week

Step 27. Publishing the Schedule

Once you've completed creating the schedule, you will need to publish that schedule to show up on Team Connect pages and/or on your website for members to see.

Learn how to do so with the following articles:

27.1 Publishing the Schedule

27.2 Publish Standings

27.3 Schedules and Standings Widget

Step 28. Import Schedule

Have a schedule already created in a spreadsheet format? Use the Import Schedule help article series below to learn how to upload your schedule into Game Scheduler.

Stack Sports Tip: Spreadsheet must be saved as a .CSV file in order for it to be uploaded into Game Scheduler.

Stack Sports Tip: Games in the spreadsheet MUST be formatted into 5 columns in order for Game Scheduler to read the file properly:

  • Home Team
  • Away Team
  • Game Date
  • Start Time
  • Location

28.1 Step 1. Create Divisions/Pools & Add Teams

28.2 Step 2. Create & Prep Schedule

28.3 Step 3. Add Divisions, Pools & Locations

28.4 Step 4. Access & File Import

28.5 Step 5. Preview The Import File

28.6 Step 6. Review The Data

28.7 Step 7. Team Selection

28.8 Step 8. Location Selection

28.9 Step 9. Finishing Up